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      2. Welcome to Danyang Mingkeda Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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        • Solar Street Light
          Solar Street Light
          Green energy-saving, safe and reliable, easy to install.
        • 02
          LED Road Lights
          High efficiency, safety, environmental protection, long life, fast response.
          LED Road Lights
        • Traditional Road Lamp
          Traditional Road Lamp
          High luminous efficiency, long life, strong fog permeability.
        • 04
          LED Flood Light
          Environmental protection, pollution-free, cold light source design.
          LED Flood Light

        ABOUT US

        Focus on the manufacture of modern lighting fixtures

        Danyang Mingkeda Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a senior engineering lighting integrated manufacturing enterprise which integrates R&D, production, sales, construction and installation services. The company is located in Jiepai Town, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. It mainly focuses on the research and development of outdoor landscape lighting, road lighting, industrial lighting, stadium lighting and other indoor and outdoor engineering lighting fixtures. It takes the core products as the driving force to develop and create comprehensive and hig ...


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